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Foundation Warrant

The Office of Financial Services has developed the Foundation Warrant form to be utilized by any department or individual requesting a transfer of funds from the Foundation to the University or other specified payee.  The form (and any other referenced forms) can be located here or obtained by contacting Ms. Paulette Gilger at

The submission of any Foundation Warrant certifies that the intended payee has not requested reimbursement from the University for the same expenses and will not seek future reimbursement from the University for the same expenses.

Please route the Foudation Warrant according to the following instructions provided below.

Foundation Warrant Routing


  • Do not route a "fillable" pdf through email for approvals, the "fillable" version should be printed to pdf prior to attaching to an email.  Please see guidance with Printing to PDF.
  • Please only email requested documentation as an unsecured pdf (sending a secured pdf causes numerous issues throughout the approval process).  If the pdf contains sensitive information, please remove or redact the sensitive data or email the pdf using the University's data mover:
  • Please see a list of DOs and DON'Ts concerning the Foundation Warrant